• What makes Callender Creates different?

    Part of any business is the potential to stand out from the crowd. A USP that makes you different. For Callender Creates – we are hired by our valued clients to make their ideas become a reality. There are many aspects of our services that you may not get with other digital tech companies. We… Read more »

  • Email Newsletter Inspiration

    Email marketing is still a fantastic way to create loyal and engaged users. B2B Email Marketing Statistics 1. Email is the third most influential source of information for B2B audiences, behind only colleague recommendations and industry-specific thought leaders. 2. 86% of business professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes. 3. CTRs are 47% higher for… Read more »

  • Jim awarded Google Digital Garage Qualification

    We are pleased to announce that Jim Callender has been gained qualification as a Google Digital Garage Expert. Jim has completed the whole online course for certification from Google and IAB Europe. The background behind this is Google plans to boost SMEs digital skills with ‘Digital Garage Academy‘ which has everything from search to social… Read more »

  • Learning to code in Schools

    My first computer, and my first coding was done on a Commodore 64 in circa 1984. Now, as a parent I am keen for kids in schools to have the confidence to embrace web design and development techniques and languages.

  • Old Versus New SEO

    Search Engine Optimisation has changed greatly since the early days of table based design in the 90’s, from singular keyword density to spammy backlinks.

  • 10 tips on writing the living web

    Many people struggle with content for their web site. They have problems visualising the brand message they want their articles to give.

  • The Future of Ecommerce

    In business, the products that have the best user experience usually end up winning. The products that are so intuitive that you don’t need to open up a manual to learn how to operate it.

  • Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.

    — John Cleese