Email Newsletter Statistics

Notes from Internet World 2008, containing some useful statistics on email newsletter metrics.

This is still a valuable tool for reaching customers, and it is quite difficult to lose money in email marketing. The question is how to we measure the visitor statistics successfully. There are a number of US and UK companies that provide the mailout and reporting using spam filter friendly servers so a higher proportion of emails get delivered.

The mere fact that companies send emails to customers, regardless of the fact if they are opened or not leads to brand impact and awareness of the company and its services.

Follows are the values for a ‘Typical’ mailout by email:


90% of email newsletters get delivered
10% Bounce rate
30% Open rate
10% Click thru
5% Buy product // Contact company

Or in other words, the metrics for a mailout to 250,000 customers:

225,000 Non bounce
213,750 Inbox
67,500 Opened
22,500 Click thru
1,125 Buy

So over 1000 people buying your product every time you send an email out is some very successful marketing and an excellent way of projecting increased revenue.

The frequency and email design reflects on how well each campaign does, however it is not rocket science and by following design/development standards and the correct testing procedures in place for email clients it can not only increase your brand awareness, but also make people successfully place orders very quickly and without little fuss.

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