The Future

  • Recession? Get innovative!

    Small businesses lost 79,000 jobs in November, the largest decline in more than seven years (Source: ADP) OK, so we cannot ignore statistics like that, and it just takes a visit to the City in London to find out something is wrong with the economy in this country. Spending on Public Relations (PR), and advertising… Read more »

  • Brands in an interactive world

    This post is regarding online brands, and accompany notes from Internet world which was a while back now, however it’s always a good free event to visit and see the big brands and startups represent themselves in a competitive marketplace on and off-line. There were lots of seminars on search to content management, from hosting… Read more »

  • Berners-Lee Defines Web 2.0

    Here’s an excerpt from the Tim Berners-Lee podcast with IBM. I think he is genuinely quite excited about the new functions and user applications on the web. However, he describes web 2.0 as what ever you want it to be. Another nice web 2.0 definition then. LANINGHAM (interviewer): Do you get excited at all about… Read more »