How to boost the stickiness of your web site

1. Professional-looking design will make the site more inviting and encourage the sense that you are a business they want to deal with.
2. Easy navigation will prevent visitors leaving the site due to not being able to locate the information they require. Ensure your calls-to-action are clearly seen.
3. Fast loading makes navigation even easier and avoids frustration.
4. Consistency of design and usability to ensure visitors feel comfortable as they go deeper into your site.
5. Effective searching mechanisms. If your site has one, makes sure it works quickly and efficiently.

6. Better organisation and layout of information. Text-heavy pages are daunting for visitors, so use overviews and bulleted lists for a quicker understanding of your product solutions and messages.
7. Improved cross referencing. Wide use of links between sections will encourage visitors to move across sections discovering relevant information applicable to them.
8. Current and topical news. To encourage people to return, the home page should highlight more of the topical and up-to-date news that is included on the site.
9. Show your benefits. Each page should highlight benefits to the visitor wherever possible – don’t bury them withinlarge amounts of copy.
10. Review statistics. Review site stats to determine the most popular pages and top exit pages. These exit pages can then be amended to encourage the visitor to stay longer with improved layout and design and links to the popular sections.

Jim Callender

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