• The Importance of Integrating Mobile

    Slide from agency Five by Five explaining why a mobile web experience should be provided for your visitors as part of every web project.

  • Advantages of Mobile Web Content

    In discussing the limitations of mobile devices for delivery of Web content it is easy to lose sight of the fact that they are extremely popular and very common. This popularity largely stems at present from them being: personal personalizable portable connected and increasingly multi-functional beyond their original purpose of voice communications. In addition to… Read more »

  • What is a QR code?

    Believe it or not QR or Quick Repsonse codes have been around for a while now. QR Codes are common in Japan, where they are currently the most popular type of two dimensional codes. A QR Code is a matrix code (or two-dimensional bar code) created by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994. The creator intended… Read more »

  • The future of the web in your pocket

    This article I written originally for the Insight Guide – A monthly Lifestyle Magazine for readers in Brighton and surrounding areas. The article gives newcomers to mobile internet a reason to take its future seriously and look ahead to what’s coming soon on the mobile platform. There is only one web, the principle of making… Read more »

  • The Future of Mobile – notes from FOWA

    Presentation by Daniel Appelquist of Vodafone Vodafone: 191 million customer worldwide, and member of w3c mobile working group Do users want the web on their mobile? The answer is yes, due to: The largest uptake of mobile web content in africa and developing countries Creation of worldwide mobile web initiative Leading to the mobile web… Read more »