Office in the cloud

Following on from our recent post about cloud computing, we want to explain how as an every day user of the internet based services, ‘the cloud’ can improve your productivity when working away from the traditional fixed office, which is increasing due to the current offerings of flexible web applications

If you can access the same files remotely (when away from your permanent office) no matter where you are is a relief. Even more so: access to those files and docs regardless of the device you’re using is possible too.

If you get a new computer, and already use cloud services for storing your image, documents, music files, or email, you will be surprised to find out that there are barely any files you’ll have to transfer.

Heres our selection of the best cloud based services:

What we used 6 months ago, are different to what I have recommended here. I’m looking forward to seeing what services we’re going to be using in the next few months!

Jim Callender

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Raj Anand

Have you tried Skype-in, replacing your BT landline? I have been using it for the last 3 months, impressed with the flexibility and cost benefits.

Jim Callender

Thanks for the comment Raj, I will check skype out.. Currently we use sipgate which gives the flexibility to divert to any phone in the world!

All the best!

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