Our web site redesign – V3

It’s finally time to reveal our new web site redesign, a lot of technology has come since we rebranded back in 2008.

Thank you WordPress!

Pretty much the main reason we redesigned, and in record time – is due to WordPress finally coming of age and being the CMS that everyone who publishes and manages content on the web.

Quick history of our sites

Our first site, Version 1 was static HTML / CSS, Version 2 static again with a WordPress powered blog, and now finally with Version 3 – we have a fully content managed site with some lovely features such as jquery goodness giving some nice animated interactions – drop downs, galleries, etc.

New technology available

We have also embraced the latest CSS3 and HTML5 standards – you will see this scattered throughout the site. If a browser does not support these new standards, then it just degrades nicely and the user just gets served the ‘normal’ experience.

Redesign more often

Redesigns in the web industry are set to become more common as new technologies are adopted commercially, lessons from improving past designs from user experience feedback, and company products can change more often to keep up to date with the market and demand of customers.

Any questions let us know

History of our web sites since we began in 2005

Version 1 – 2005 to 2008

Version 1 – 2008 – 2011

Version 3 – 2011 onwards

Jim Callender

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