• How not to do email campaigns

    No text in this email makes it a simple decision for the user what to click The only text that can be seen, even if they decide to scroll, is the unsubscribe link. Users on small screen devices Smartphones like Blackberrys, Android or iPhone devices who are on the move won’t have the attention span… Read more »

  • Emotional meanings of colour in design

    One of the most common questions I ask is why we have used a certain colour for a certain logo of certain part of a design. Colour’s evoke emotions, most of them you will know consciously, some not so. The graphic below shows some of these ideas but lets start with a few simple ideas about… Read more »

  • 29 ways to stay creative

    Happy 2012! Now you are raring to start the year off positively, here’s a list of what you can do to stay creative and fresh.

  • Google+ vs. Facebook

    By now you’ve probably seen all the headlines, skipped through the “how to” guides, and read all the reasons why so many tech journalists and online socialites are clamoring to get into Google+, with some even bidding on eBay for a G+ invite. But you? You’re more cautious about putting yourself out there online. Perhaps… Read more »

  • The Importance of Integrating Mobile

    Slide from agency Five by Five explaining why a mobile web experience should be provided for your visitors as part of every web project.

  • Freelancer of the Year – Highly Commended

    Jim Callender was awarded 2nd place in the Digital Excellence category of Xchange team’s Freelancer of the Year awards. Jim is able to offer his services as technical tier 2 supplier for clients in London and the South East, including Brighton ;) He has built up a strong reputation for delivering high quality web sites… Read more »

  • Tablets soon to replace laptops?

    Tablet computers will one day completely replace laptops as the standard-issue workplace computer – at least, if some of the top tablet and phone manufacturers in the world have their way. A panel of executives at top phone manufacturers came to agreement on this forecast at the CTIA Wireless 2011 conference in Orlando, Fla. It’s… Read more »

  • New! Consultancy sessions & social media workshops

    We have two new offerings to help you get the most of your web site(s), and training you with our new social media workshops. Book a consultancy session Have an idea for a web project? Need some advice on how to make it a success? Want to talk over your web project with an expert… Read more »