• Office in the cloud

    Following on from our recent post about cloud computing, we want to explain how as an every day user of the internet based services, ‘the cloud’ can improve your productivity when working away from the traditional fixed office, which is increasing due to the current offerings of flexible web applications If you can access the… Read more »

  • All about cloud computing

    This post will answer your questions whether you want to start using ‘the cloud’ service as a developer, or you are intrigued as how it can save you costs as a project manager or director. Put simply, cloud computing means that your computing resources live outside of your computer or computer room. The Cloud is… Read more »

  • We have a London office

    We’re excited to have a second office in the heart of Soho, in central London, adding to our Brighton office. Why expand in a downturn? This allows us to be at the cutting edge of new developments in the capital, as well as collaborate with our friends, colleagues and other agencies on exciting digital projects…. Read more »

  • Helping to inspire the next generation of digital talent

    We’re pleased to be taking part of Wired Sussex’s Digital by design event today, where we’ll be providing practical industry advice to the future creative talent of Brighton and Sussex. We’ll be there for one-to-one advice at the Portfolio Clinic from 5 to 7pm. It’s a great opportunity for those looking to carve a career… Read more »

  • Cash Flow Checklist – Recession Proofing for all of us

    Ultimately it’s all about the money, getting sales in and reducing costs going out. Here are some notes on how to manage your cashflow, and to decrease your spending on excessive expenses, at the same time building up your assets. Remember, by bringing down your regular outgoings you can save more, and have more financial… Read more »

  • Where to find 2012 contract bids

    After attending a recent business event in Brighton, I was encouraged to hear that there is an active channel for securing new work and contracts for the 2012 olympics relating to digital media and marketing. And I thought it would be worth sharing. Below are a selection of free services that enable businesses to compete… Read more »

  • What the Magento community needs..

    Magento is an open-source ecommerce web application launched on March 31, 2008 by Varien. Now this is the ecommerce application that everyone was waiting for, and to be open-sourced, meaning free to install, no licence required, even better! Magento 1.3 feature list (PDF) is all that customers will need for their online store, and easy… Read more »

  • What does Beta mean?

    Google has a reputation for never completing a project. GMail has been around for five years but is yet to lose its “beta” tag. Docs, Calendar and many other Google services are still beta-products despite having evolved radically since their initial release. The company’s reasoning for endless beta cycles has never been clearly explained, and… Read more »