• Interactive Prototypes with Axure

    The process of user centered design and creating useful websites, should start at an early stage in a web site project. In this post we wanted to share with you our process for visualising and designing the most useful and usable websites. Before we start any sexy, fancy design, what we want to consider is… Read more »

  • Twitter hits mainstream

    Our favourite social network, and site we visit on a hourly basis is Twitter. The network has truly come of age and hit the mainstream of internet users this week with a variety of indicators suggesting this. Where did the idea for this site come from? With an idea and a sketch by Founder and… Read more »

  • What does 2009 hold for web design companies?

    We hope 2009 has started well for you so far? As this is our first post this year I want to look ahead to what the market is doing and also promote some of our activities. Firstly, it seems as if the coming year will be a challenging time for most of us. But running… Read more »

  • Company Review of 2008

    Where to start! What a year 2008 was (to recap this was 2007’s review). So 2008 was all about collaboration, online, with local colleagues and forging new projects and relationships with clients and friends alike, here’s what happened at Callender Creates: 2008, the year my girlfriend started to use the mobile web! Recovered from a… Read more »

  • 5 tips for networking with successful people

    Why network with successful people? Because as a result you will become more successful when you network with people more successful than you. One thing that everyone needs is visibility, have a blog like this helps, but perhaps now and more so in the futuretwitter and other social sites will be used as an effective… Read more »

  • What is a QR code?

    Believe it or not QR or Quick Repsonse codes have been around for a while now. QR Codes are common in Japan, where they are currently the most popular type of two dimensional codes. A QR Code is a matrix code (or two-dimensional bar code) created by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994. The creator intended… Read more »

  • – community web site now live

    We are pleased to announce our latest project that we have worked on with East Hampshire District Council (EHDC). INTRODUCTION is a community site which features daily news updates and an extensive event listings of what’s happening in and around the the East Hampshire Area. Also interactive maps, and information on towns and villages… Read more »

  • Make the most of online charts, diagrams and mapping services

    There is a plethora of online services that allow you to create charts and diagrams online, in the cloud. Lovely charts is very powerful service, think of a web based OmniGraffle or Visio. Where you can create – flowcharts, sitemaps, wireframes, organisational charts, network diagrams, screenshots Whether you are a designer, manager or just need… Read more »