• Reviewing work from clients

    Ideally you should be monitoring the vibe of your relationship with your client throughout the project process. However, at the end of a phase, like a launch, or new site release is best. Why review? At the most basic level it’s time for you the service provider/supplier and your client to get together and be… Read more »

  • Recession? Get innovative!

    Small businesses lost 79,000 jobs in November, the largest decline in more than seven years (Source: ADP) OK, so we cannot ignore statistics like that, and it just takes a visit to the City in London to find out something is wrong with the economy in this country. Spending on Public Relations (PR), and advertising… Read more »

  • 10 top tips for HTML email development

    From our recent partnership with Pure360 on email marketing, I was asked to expand on my notes from the class. So here they are. Whether you like it or not, HTML email marketing campaigns are a core requirement for any successful email marketing program. An email campaign can boost a companies revenue by millions of… Read more »

  • Top 5 Time Management Tips

    Everybody could manage time better, whether it is due to a demanding family life, or lots of clients we all need to be refreshed about how we handle and manage our valuable time. Here’s a list of items that work for us: 1) Spend a moment to plan every day. Start by writing a list… Read more »

  • Essential Web Design and Development Conferences

    Here’s a list of conferences and exhibitions you will find us at over the next few months, and into 2009. Why? Not just because they are great fun, but also very valuable tools in training, learning emerging internet technologies and trends. Getting to the cutting edge of Internet leaders minds is what it is all… Read more »

  • We are with Happy Cog!

    Our redesign has made it onto titled 101 awesome portfolio sites. Alongside some world renowned web agencies and individuals: Happycog, Jason Santa-Maria, and Dan Cederholm’s Simplebits. Disclaimer: This is someones individual opinion into current design on a variety of portfolio sites. We have not paid to be included! However, we hope we have made… Read more »

  • Email Marketing Masterclass

    We are proud to be collaborating with local email marketing company Pure360 on a session at The Werks based on email marketing. Date -Thursday, August 21, 2008 Time – 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM Why are we doing this? As email marketing has fantastic results in terms of converting new and existing customers to buy… Read more »

  • Brands in an interactive world

    This post is regarding online brands, and accompany notes from Internet world which was a while back now, however it’s always a good free event to visit and see the big brands and startups represent themselves in a competitive marketplace on and off-line. There were lots of seminars on search to content management, from hosting… Read more »