Reviewing work from clients

Ideally you should be monitoring the vibe of your relationship with your client throughout the project process. However, at the end of a phase, like a launch, or new site release is best.

Why review? At the most basic level it’s time for you the service provider/supplier and your client to get together and be upfront and honest about what worked and more importantly what didn’t so you can avoid the same mistakes again in the future with them and with you other client relationships.

It’s OK to make mistakes, we’re all human, if you do admit it and be authentic. At the same time embrace negativity, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Our surveys usually follow a set pattern of questions (5 being the highest grade):

1. Overall how happy our you with the service given (1 to 5)
2. Quality of information given (1 to 5)
3. Personal service given (1 to 5)
4. People you have dealt with – how much do you think you could rely
on them to do a good job (1 to 5)
5. In terms of how you feel overall about the service provided by
(Company Name) (1 to 5)
6. Would you feel comfortable referring you to a friend or colleague
(1 to 5)

This type of survey can be done face to face during a meeting, or if a number of people are involved build this survey on wufoo or surveymonkey.

Why not even involve your colleagues and co-workers to see how you done. It’s a really valuable chance to find out how you done. And the only way to develop and build your business from a good to a great business that your clients will refer personally to people they deal with on a daily basis.

Feedback from your clients brings value to the products your business is selling. It gives more confidence and trust to the client, making future work always more likely.

Remember, it costs less money to keep existing clients than find new ones. Look after them, and you may just find that they will do marketing for you as well as be open as you should be in your dealings with your customers.

How do you do it? We’d love to know.

Jim Callender

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