Tablets soon to replace laptops?

Tablet computers will one day completely replace laptops as the standard-issue workplace computer – at least, if some of the top tablet and phone manufacturers in the world have their way.

A panel of executives at top phone manufacturers came to agreement on this forecast at the CTIA Wireless 2011 conference in Orlando, Fla.

It’s a logical transition for a lot of companies. Most major enterprise companies like Salesforce offer a tablet-friendly mobile-app version of their desktop software. Many companies have already begun their transition to tablets for field work and other corporate necessities. About 80 percent of the largest companies in the world on the Fortune 100 list have already begun testing or deploying applications for Apple’s iPad tablet.

“Android is becoming more enterprise-ready every day, we’re all working on hardening android to make sure the security is there,” said Omar Khan, chief strategy officer of Samsung Mobile. “We want to make sure So we can address the enterprise so it can become a true laptop replacement.”

Android devices only account for around 30 percent of enterprise activations, while Apple’s devices account for 65 percent, and growing faster than Android.

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Jim Callender

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