The Future of Mobile – notes from FOWA

Presentation by Daniel Appelquist of Vodafone

Vodafone: 191 million customer worldwide, and member of w3c mobile working group

Do users want the web on their mobile?

The answer is yes, due to:

  1. The largest uptake of mobile web content in africa and developing countries
  2. Creation of worldwide mobile web initiative

Leading to the mobile web best practices – which focus on the following:

  1. designing for one web
  2. rely on web standards
  3. stay away from known hazards
  4. be cautious of device implications
  5. optimise navigation
  6. check graphics and colors
  7. keep it small (file size)
  8. use the network sparingly
  9. help and guide user input
  10. think of users on the go > stripped down version, interaction design

These are the current best practice details for mobile content creation.

Mobile web 2.0

  1. transition of mobile apps to an internet model mobile web and connected apps
  2. user choice
  3. leverage open standards
  4. more interactive mobile apps running in the browsers

Further resources > wiki with info about the mobile web > venture between nokia, aol and microsoft > developer resources and forum

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