Top 5 Time Management Tips

Everybody could manage time better, whether it is due to a demanding family life, or lots of clients we all need to be refreshed about how we handle and manage our valuable time.

Here’s a list of items that work for us:

1) Spend a moment to plan every day. Start by writing a list of what you need to achieve each day, even when you are not at work to get things done effectively.

2) Write everything down. Whether you do this user a paper and pen, or online using tools like evernote or remember the milk. You’ll be less stressed if are not holding those things in your head.

3) Set a time limit. You’re more focused and less likely to get distracted if you don’t have an open ended time slot in your day for a particular task. I set a time slot in Google calendar to text me a reminder to do it, and I can also measure how long it took me so I can be confident of allocating the correct time to it in the future.

4) Do little and often. Breaking tasks into chunks helps to prevent a build up and is less overwhelming. How often have you found yourself being distracted or been refreshed by doing new work instead of that large project? By working on small increments/chunks you will find you complete more without the stress.

5) Don’t do it all on your own. If you don’t have the knowledge, skill or time. Don’t hesitate to ask for the help when you need it. Either mailing lists or co-workers may have come across the problem before. It’s also nice to be asked for help too!

Jim Callender

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Stephen Ticehurst

Def number 5. Two things I immediately ask myself when I get given something to do. Firstly can I give it to someone else to do either in my team or outside of it. Secondly, can I do the task in five minutes or less, if so do it now (from the GTD way of working).


Thanks for some of the good tips. I also think that when writing down your tasks it is important to ensure you get your top priorities done. We are all really busy, and if you are not careful you can end up being controlled by the tyranny of the urgent, constantly putting out fires. I write more about prioritizing and planning your work, and then working your plan, as a great step towards getting the most important things done.

Mark Kirby

Great stuff Jim, exactly the kind of things I have been writing about recently for freelance advisor and thinking about myself. I think these 5 points alone could help people hugely.

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