Web services

  • Email Marketing Masterclass

    We are proud to be collaborating with local email marketing company Pure360 on a session at The Werks based on email marketing. Date -Thursday, August 21, 2008 Time – 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM Why are we doing this? As email marketing has fantastic results in terms of converting new and existing customers to buy… Read more »

  • Brands in an interactive world

    This post is regarding online brands, and accompany notes from Internet world which was a while back now, however it’s always a good free event to visit and see the big brands and startups represent themselves in a competitive marketplace on and off-line. There were lots of seminars on search to content management, from hosting… Read more »

  • Email Newsletter Statistics

    Notes from Internet World 2008, containing some useful statistics on email newsletter metrics. This is still a valuable tool for reaching customers, and it is quite difficult to lose money in email marketing. The question is how to we measure the visitor statistics successfully. There are a number of US and UK companies that provide… Read more »

  • SxSw Quick Tips

    So heres a quick list of what you need to know about SxSw, or ‘What I wish I’d known before I arrived’, suitable for Newcomers and even ‘old timers’: Say Hello and speak to everyone, there may be some important people to meet, standing right next to you. Ask them ‘where are they from’ then… Read more »

  • Maximising (y)our time at SxSW 2008

    So, the Annual Geekfest in Austin Texas is almost upon us. Just one look at the events calendar is enough to make any person nervous, with the amount of world renowned speakers and also some homegrown talent going over to share knowledge, hang out with friends and make new aquaintances. How to maximise everyones time… Read more »

  • The Future of Mobile – notes from FOWA

    Presentation by Daniel Appelquist of Vodafone Vodafone: 191 million customer worldwide, and member of w3c mobile working group Do users want the web on their mobile? The answer is yes, due to: The largest uptake of mobile web content in africa and developing countries Creation of worldwide mobile web initiative Leading to the mobile web… Read more »

  • How to boost the stickiness of your web site

    1. Professional-looking design will make the site more inviting and encourage the sense that you are a business they want to deal with. 2. Easy navigation will prevent visitors leaving the site due to not being able to locate the information they require. Ensure your calls-to-action are clearly seen. 3. Fast loading makes navigation even… Read more »

  • Fifteen years of the Web

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/5243862.stm Well we have arrived, haven’t we? ;) Tim Berners Lee was confident in predicting how the web would develop. He wrote the first web client (browser-editor) and server in 1990. So the only question is, what we will be ‘writing’ about in the next 15 years? Here’s one view.