• SxSw 2009 wrap up

    This was our second year to what can only be described as the mother of all Web Tech Events, each year thousands of entrepreneurs, start-ups, geeks, bloggers, and industry types attend SxSw in Austin, Texas. Depending on who you talk to, SxSw is all about the 1000 different panelists talking tech to a very enthusiastic… Read more »

  • Interactive Prototypes with Axure

    The process of user centered design and creating useful websites, should start at an early stage in a web site project. In this post we wanted to share with you our process for visualising and designing the most useful and usable websites. Before we start any sexy, fancy design, what we want to consider is… Read more »

  • Brands in an interactive world

    This post is regarding online brands, and accompany notes from Internet world which was a while back now, however it’s always a good free event to visit and see the big brands and startups represent themselves in a competitive marketplace on and off-line. There were lots of seminars on search to content management, from hosting… Read more »

  • SxSw Quick Tips

    So heres a quick list of what you need to know about SxSw, or ‘What I wish I’d known before I arrived’, suitable for Newcomers and even ‘old timers’: Say Hello and speak to everyone, there may be some important people to meet, standing right next to you. Ask them ‘where are they from’ then… Read more »