• New! Consultancy sessions & social media workshops

    We have two new offerings to help you get the most of your web site(s), and training you with our new social media workshops. Book a consultancy session Have an idea for a web project? Need some advice on how to make it a success? Want to talk over your web project with an expert… Read more »

  • The state of the Twittersphere – Feb 2011

    A really useful state of things presentation on where Twitter currently is, as of February 2011 put together by Kathryn Corrick. She has some good stats here including the number of daily active accounts which stands at around 14 million out of a possible 200 million. Although there are maybe as many as 40 million tweeting each… Read more »

  • Our 5 favourite online services

    We’ve been asked by colleagues and clients alike, ‘what services do you use everyday, and which ones make your life easier?’. Hence the reason for this post. All these services are ‘cloud based‘ meaning you can log on and access them anywhere in the world, giving the potential to work wherever, whenever you need to…. Read more »

  • Twitter hits mainstream

    Our favourite social network, and site we visit on a hourly basis is Twitter. The network has truly come of age and hit the mainstream of internet users this week with a variety of indicators suggesting this. Where did the idea for this site come from? With an idea and a sketch by Founder and… Read more »